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betwayƻ-11月家长课堂 Parents' Lessons in November

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      Welcome to the colorful parents'  lessons.


      2.1 "Dujiangyan water irrigation works project" by WU Yixuan’s mother.


      2.2 Zhong Zhengdong's Mother introduced Aba Prefecture's Local Customs and Culture.


      2.5 Zhou Maoyuanhua's mother outlined the story of walking into the mountains and donating school supplies and clothes to the children,and Buried the seeds of love in the hearts of children.


      2.6 Du Junjie's parents taught us what we should do when the earthquake comes.


      3.1 Traffic safety

      3.2 世界第一运动——足球

      3.2  Football,  the first sport in the world.

      3.3班 陈诗妍妈妈 感恩父母,从身边的小事做起

      Thanks parents,act from trifles


      3.5 Application of electricity


      3.6 Zhang Yuhan's mother "moved" Tibetan culture into the classroom. Through the situational experience of Tibetan clothes display, offering Hada, making bamboo balls and speaking Tibetan, the children had an addiction to being Tibetans.

      4.1 张芮可爸爸给孩子们带来了一堂精彩的家长课堂,告诉孩子们培养良好学习习惯和拓展视野的重要性。

      4.1 Zhang Ruike's father brought a wonderful parents' lesson to the children, telling them the importance of developing good study habits and broadening their horizons.

      4.2 王鹭洋家长给孩子们带来了一堂有趣的动漫课。风趣的语言,生动的课堂,让孩子们对动漫有了更深的了解。

      4.2 The parents of Wang Luyang brought an interesting animation lesson to the children. Funny language, lively classroom, so that children have a deeper understanding of animation.

      4.3 吴婧涵妈妈为孩子们带来的《鸿门宴之项羽和刘邦的故事》

      4.3 Wu Jinghan's Story of Xiang Yu and Liu Bang at Hongmen Banquet.

      4.4 家长带来的是单个军人队列动作。通过训练规范学生队列队形和站姿。

      4.4 Parents bring in a single soldier formation. Standardize the formation and standing posture of students through training.


      4.5 Li Yuchen's parents let children know the importance of protecting their eyes, how to protect them, and how to prevent myopia.


      4.6 Wu Yuhan's elder brother, Hulu, teaches "natural courses" for children with humor and wit. The children learned a lot about the master architect, the bee.

      5.1 家长进课堂之——生活小常识:光的折射

      5.1  Life Common Sense: Refraction of Light

      5.2 钟泰鑫姨妈带来吉祥的礼物----哈达。哈达是藏族“礼巾”之意。老师带孩子们了解哈达的来历、颜色、作用、敬献方式等。

      5.2 Zhong Taixin’s aunt brought a lucky gift, Hada. Hada is a Tibetan "scarf" meaning. The teacher took the children to know Hada's origin, colour, function, ways of dedication and so on.


      5.3 Everyone learns first aid, first aid for everyone.

      5.4 孩子们在王子舜同学亲友团杨叔叔的带领下,重新认识了家乡都江堰,深入了解了都江堰水利工程悠久的历史文化等

      5.4  Under the leadership of Prince Shun's classmate and relatives group, Uncle Yang, the children have a new understanding of Dujiangyan, and have a deep understanding of the long history and culture of Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project.

      5.5 燃气安全知识进校园

      5.5 Gas Safety Knowledge Entering Campus

      6.1 罗浩仁妈妈给孩子们带来的《作业神器——番茄钟》,教孩子们如何做到高效专注,达到事半功倍的效果。

      6.1 Luo Haoren’s mother brought to the children the "Work Artifact - Tomato Bell", which teaches them how to concentrate effectively and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

      6.3 家长们特地请来都江堰市人民医院新生儿科主任贺医生和妇产科主任董医生给孩子们讲解青春期健康知识,让孩子们更科学地了解成长的秘密。

      6.3 Parents specially invited Doctor He, director of neonatal department of Dujiangyan People's Hospital, and Doctor Dong, director of Obstetrics and gynecology, to explain the knowledge of adolescent health to the children so that they could understand the secrets of growth more scientifically.

      6.5 杜老师带着孩子们了解了古筝的相关知识,孩子们收获满满。

      6.5 Parent took the children to understand the relevant knowledge of the zither, and the children were full of harvest.


      Parents' devotion has taught their children a lot of knowledge that they can't learn in class.


      Let's grow up happily together with our children.

  编辑:信息中心 撰稿:阿蓓 翻译:刘磊
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